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Tannlin Website UX, UI Design & Build

As a part of our ongoing relationship with Tannlin, we undertook the challenge of designing and building a modern website that showcases their extensive catalogue of products and services. Tasked with this endeavor, our goal was to create a platform that not only beautifully displays Tannlin's offerings but also provides a clear and easily shoppable experience for their customers.

The Challenge:

Our mission was multifaceted: revamp an outdated and visually unappealing website, enhance navigation, and redefine the customer journey to align with Tannlin's new brand guidelines. We aimed to make browsing products and services easy and enjoyable, ensuring every visitor finds what they need effortlessly.

Old Website.jpg


Crafting wireframes, our focus was on customer-centric navigation and usability. We aimed to create an experience that is not only easy but also equitable, enjoyable, and useful. It was imperative to ensure that customers could swiftly locate the products and services they sought.

Design & Build:

Implementing Tannlin's brand color palette, we incorporated subtle color-coded treatments across five key areas of the website. This strategy allows customers to navigate effortlessly through products and services. Additionally, we introduced clear sub-categories within each section, ensuring a seamless journey without confusion.


The website was constructed using a modern CMS, providing enhanced power and capabilities.

Design & Build.jpg
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